Pinnacle Buys 8 Midwest Seed Companies Under AgVenture, Inc.

Pinnacle Agriculture Holdings, LLC (“Pinnacle”), has announced the purchase of eight regional seed companies to advance its seed business. Pinnacle has acquired:

  • ProSelect, Inc., Kearney, Neb.
  • Seed Services of Nebraska, Inc., Minden, Neb.
  • AVN Seeds Partners, LLC, Minden, Neb.
  • AgVenture/GroMor, LLC., Ames, Iowa
  • Scherr’s Seed LLC, Roscoe, S.D.
  • Corn Capital Genetics, Inc., Olivia, Minn.
  • Profiseed, LLC, Hampton, Iowa
  • Teays Valley Farms, LLC dba Pureline, Princeton, Ill.

Pinnacle will operate the acquired businesses as part of the AgVenture, Inc. (“AVI”) network of seed companies, under the name AgVenture Pinnacle. Customers will continue to have access to AgVenture and VPMaxx brand seed products within the exclusive marketing territory.

AgVenture Pinnacle companies will further advance the scope of the AgVenture Maximum Profit System, an integrated production approach that helps customers dramatically increase yields, lower cost per bushel, and improve overall profitability on every acre. Pinnacle will also offer expanded products and services to customers, including crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, and precision agriculture capabilities.

Pinnacle plans to continue operating in the same locations as the acquired businesses previously operated and the leaders of each acquired company will continue in general and operational management roles.

“This is an exciting move for our AgVenture and VPMaxx brands,” said Chuck Schneider, AVI Business Development Director.

“Our brand value will continue to grow under this new approach. Customers will continue to work with the local professionals they know and trust. With Pinnacle, customers will also have access to crop protection, fertility/nutrient management and precision ag products and services. Together with AgVenture’s specifically selected and locally adapted seed products, and year-round professional seed expertise, we can support our customers’ cropping plans, yielding greater profitability throughout the region.”

AVI will continue to support AgVenture Pinnacle locations with access to seed products and professional training to maintain the highest standards. AVI will also maintain its service to its nationwide network of regional seed companies with excellence in technology access and seed professionalism.

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