Kansas Pecans: More Cultivars Opening Shucks

    Over the weekend six more pecan cultivars started to open their shucks. Pictured at right is a seedling cultivar of unknown parentage that originated outside of Golden City, MO.

    The tree’s owner named the tree Waccamaw, after a native American tribe that once inhabited coastal South Carolina. The Waccamaw River flows from North Carolina into South Carolina running parallel to the eastern seacoast. The Waccamaw produces a nut slighty smaller than Pawnee and yields 54% kernel. Waccamaw is scab susceptible.

    City Park, 28 Sept. 2015

    Another seedling pecan we have under trial is “City Park”. Years ago, we planted a Giles seedling in Chetopa’s Riverside Park. Eventually, the tree started to bear nuts. I was so impressed by the size of nuts produced by this tree that I grafted scions from the original tree into field trials at the research station. The grafted trees of ‘City Park’ have now matured enough to allow us to get a good read on it ripening date–about the same time as Kanza.

    Kanza, 28 Sept. 2015

    Speaking of Kanza, our heavy crop of Kanza nuts have begun to split shuck. Spotting shuck split on Kanza is a little difficult. The shuck separates down the sutures but remain fairly tight around the nut. It will take a killing freeze to really open up the shucks and release the nut inside.

    Hark, 28 Sept. 2015

    Like Kanza, I have a strong suspicion that ‘Hark’ has Major as one of its parents. As a result, the shucks of Hark split down the sutures but the shuck remains tight around the nut until frost.

    Posey, 28 Sept. 2015

    Posey has a very distinctive shuck that is characterized by a rough surface texture and prominent wings along the sutures. At this time Posey nuts are about 10% shuck split.

    Yates 68, 28 Sept. 2015

    Yates 68 looks to be a Posey seedling and shares Posey’s dark shell color and tendency for kernels to turn dark quickly after harvest.  Yates 68 was selected from a group of seedling trees planted by Ed Yates on his farm in Southern Indiana.

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