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Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending August 23, 2015.

REPORTER COMMENTS BY COUNTY – Comments are based on remarks made by extension agents, farmers, commodity specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals.


ROCKBRIDGE (Thomas A Stanley)
A few light scattered showers started the week with some seasonally hot weather and temperatures and humidity moderated at the end of the week. Wednesday through Sunday were suitable for haymaking. Some limited corn silage harvesting occurred but that should be in full swing next week.


AMELIA (Laura Siegle)
We had a few light rain showers this week, but conditions were drier than the last few weeks with more days available to get chores done. We are seeing a lot of frogeye leaf spot in our soybean fields. Some of our producers have been harvesting corn silage.

APPOMATTOX (Bruce Jones)
Appomattox County still has some dry sections in need of rain. Most areas received a little rainfall last week but it was very spotty. Some areas only received a few tenths of an inch. Dark tobacco harvest progressing well.

CAROLINE (Mike Broaddus)
No rain this week. Effects of the hot and humid weather is beginning to show in some beans in lighter soils. Corn yields are set, as most of corn’s black layer is formed.


ESSEX (Keith Balderson)
Farmers continued scouting soybeans for insects and diseases. Insect pressure overall has been low. Frogeye leaf spot has been prevalent in susceptible varieties. Some sudden death syndrome in soybeans has been reported. A few producers started picking corn. Other activities included attending field days and getting ready for harvest. The down turn in grain prices over the past couple of weeks is causing some concern.

GLOUCESTER (David Moore)
Some corn harvest has begun. Yields are very good. Decent moisture in ground but it is decreasing rapidly due to heat. Scouting and applying fungicides and insecticides to soybeans are the big activities of the week. Some haymaking. Vegetable harvests are slowing down. Need rain for sweet potatoes and pumpkins, as well as, late cucurbits. Making plans for small grain planting. Prices are taking the fun right out of that.

NORTHAMPTON (Ursula Deitch)
Rains have occurred mostly in the evenings and are not enough to prevent work from being done. Corn harvest will begin next week. Seeing a lot of moth action in soybeans with corn earworms and beet armyworms.


CHESAPEAKE CITY (Watson Lawrence Jr.)
Modest rain in the later part of the week brought some relief to crops. Soybeans are pivotal now with farmers scouting for insect protection. Light corn earworm infestation this year, but other insect threats are causing farmers to spray this week. Farmers are preparing harvesting equipment for the corn harvest which is about one to two weeks away.

PRINCE GEORGE (Scott Reiter)
Rainfall this week was limited to a small portion of the county with 0.2-1.5 inches. The remainder of the county has had little rainfall in the past 2-3 weeks. Field activities have mostly been scouting soybeans for earworms and diseases. A few fields needed treatment for earworms. Other activities included mowing around farms and preparing equipment for corn harvest.

SUSSEX (Kevin Wells)
Field conditions are dry again and some rainfall will be needed. Crops are doing well especially cotton, soybeans and peanuts, as growers are scouting closely for insects and diseases.

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