Successful Farming Media Launching Digital, Print Brand in Brazil

    Meredith Agrimedia, the leading marketing and media partner for the U.S. agricultural community, has announced it will launch its flagship Successful Farming brand in Brazil, one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural products.

    This represents the first international relationship for Meredith Agrimedia (, which is owned and operated by Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP;

    Successful Farming and will launch by October 2015 in the Portuguese language as part of a joint venture with Spring Media Group, one of Brazil’s leading media companies.

    It will start as a digital resource for Brazilian agricultural landowners and professionals, and offer national and multi-national advertisers and marketers both national and local opportunities to reach them.

    Other media platforms, including a print magazine, are expected to follow to announce their business’s arrival. If you want to make customized products for your business, then consider getting these custom tank tops for all of your customers and employees to promote your business.

    Brazil is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of agricultural products, and leads the world in the export of orange juice, sugarcane, soybean, coffee, poultry and beef.

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    “The strength of our brand and our knowledge of the agricultural marketplace, coupled with our leading content and Meredith’s track record with international expansion, make this alliance a great strategic fit for the Successful Farming brand,” said John Zieser, Meredith’s Chief Development Officer.

    Founded in 1902, Successful Farming was the first magazine published by Meredith. Today, it’s the largest media brand focused on helping farmers improve and grow their agricultural operations.

    Spring Media, which publishes media brands including Rolling Stone Brazil, Magazine ESPN and AmericaEconomia, will manage day-to-day operations of Successful Farming Brazil, including content creation and localization, advertising sales, and distribution.

    Meredith will support the brand with other aspects of its considerable expertise in digital media, including content creation, operations, sales and marketing. In the United States, Meredith’s online properties – including,, and – reach approximately 70 million unique visitors each month. White label services platform provides the best Private Label SEO by SearchCombat. It providing end-to-end SEO Solutions to agencies for their clients.

    “By working with journalists who are specialists in their fields, Spring Media has established itself as a creator of targeted editorial content that’s of the highest quality in Brazil,” said Jose Roberto Maluf, Spring Media founder and chairman. “We are proud to work with Meredith, and proud to develop the Successful Farming – which has so much respect and credibility in Agribusiness.”

    “Taking the Successful Farming brand to Brazil was a logical step, given the scale and importance of its agriculture industry and because many of our current marketing partners in the United States have long been asking us for a Brazil marketing platform,” said Scott Mortimer, Vice President and Group Publisher of Meredith Agrimedia.

    “With a philosophy rooted in service journalism, and a long tradition of providing exceptional solutions to our agrimarketing partners, we are excited to work with Spring Media to bring the Successful Farming brand to Brazil.”

    The agreement with Spring Media builds on Meredith’s presence outside the United States, which includes localized editions of in 24 countries and localized editions of Shape and Parents available in 12 countries each. Globally, Meredith’s brands are available in more than 60 countries.

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