Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up 6% from ’14

Peanut stocks reported in commercial storage on March 31, 2015 totaled 3.52 billion pounds of equivalent farmer stock, compared with 3.51 billion pounds a year ago. This total includes 2.79 billion pounds of actual farmer stock.

Shelled peanuts on hand totaled 683 million pounds of farmer stock equivalent. Roasting stock totaled 44.3 million pounds.

Shelled peanut stocks totaled 513 million pounds of which 489 million pounds were edible grades and 24.7 million pounds were oil stocks. Edible grade stocks by type included 68.0 million pounds of Virginias and Valencias, 399 million pounds of Runners, and 22.0 million pounds of Spanish.

Millings in March totaled 480 million pounds. Millings by type were 77.0 million pounds of Virginias and Valencias, 395 million pounds of Runners, and 7.37 million pounds of Spanish.

Commercial processors utilized 184 million pounds of shelled edible grade peanuts during March. Utilization by type was 109 million pounds for all peanut butter products, 34.6 million pounds for peanut candy, and 35.7 million pounds for peanut snacks. Crushing for oil and cake and meal totaled 44.8 million pounds during the month.

Deliveries under the Government Domestic Feeding and Child Nutrition Programs amounted to 2.33 million pounds of peanut butter and 25,920 pounds of roasted peanuts during March.

Stocks of treated seed on hand March 31, 2015 totaled 22.3 million pounds, compared with 3.43 million pounds on February 28, 2015. Of the March total, 15.4 million pounds were Runners.

Stocks estimates refer to March 31, 2015. All other data are for the month of March.

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