Keith Good, Editor Of Farm Policy, Winds Down His News Service

Keith Good wrapped up his Farm Policy web coverage this week. For the last 12-plus years he has kept the agricultural community informed about the latest developments in Washington and farm-related trends in the U.S. and abroad.

Through the years, he tracked down thousands of articles and pieces of analysis, summarized them in a keen, precise way and then gave his readers the links needed if they cared to read more.

It looked simple enough, but anyone who’s ever tried to do that kind of reportage will tell you it’s arduous work. Keith did it well and did bushel baskets of it year after year.

He  graciously allowed us to include his findings on our web pages, for which we are grateful beyond measure. We have ways of tracking web activity and always saw a flock of clicks to Keith’s reports early every morning as soon as we posted them. He developed a following in all parts of this republic, based on the web traffic he generated.

Debra L. Ferguson, our news editor and a partner in this company, recently referred to Keith as “the best-informed man in agriculture.” In the years that we have carried Keith’s reports, she probably has read nearly every word that he’s written, so she speaks with some authority. He made her and thousands of other people better informed along the way.

Keith looked at farm policy and the broader ag landscape from several vantage points. He grew up on an Illinois farm, earned a masters in ag economics and became an attorney who, among other things, is licensed to practice in Washington, D.C.

He indicated sometime back that he was winding down his coverage. We hoped he would change his mind but now have the final word.

Here, then, is Keith Good’s farewell posting…

I remember the time in 2002 I tried to explain to my wife an idea I had about summarizing newspaper articles relating to farm policy issues for busy people at work who didn’t have time to read as much as they wanted to.

Now the time has come to stop writing the daily reports.

Thanks so much to the over 200 individuals who took time the past couple of weeks to share with me their appreciation for the reports; here are reflective examples of what these very thoughtful notes from readers said:

“Everyone always says ‘make sure you get the farm policy update’ because everyone knows it’s the best.”

You’ve been a must-read for thousands.”

“I’ve shared your site with dozens of people over the years, always saying ‘sign up for It is the very best source for ag news anywhere.’ This is one of the few places where information is gathered and shared without commentary.”

“Your willingness to provide this early-morning update day after day, without fail, has been a wonderful contribution.”

“I have marveled at the discipline and effort required to bring ‘farm policy’ to my east coast desk early in the day.”

“Your daily surveys are the best-written, most comprehensive, and most objective news source that I have seen for a long time.”

“In addition, your integrity in reporting is deeply appreciated. There is a lot that gets said in ag circles, and you screened out the chaff. Your accuracy in reporting was always highly valued as well. Only you could have provided that unique combination of an ag economist, an ag attorney, and a journalist. The ag community has richly benefited from your dedication and commitment to”

“Distilling the information from numerous sources, sites, and newspapers is an overwhelming task that you accomplished with great professionalism. What you provided was accurate, complete, and extremely valuable.”

And Rep. Adrian Smith (R., Neb.) tweeted yesterday: “Thank you to Keith Good for his years of ‪#ag reporting. Sad to see ‪@FarmPolicy end, but I wish him all the best in his new chapter.”

Thanks to all for reading


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