Texas Cotton: 2014 High Plains Variety Trial Report Available

    The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension cotton team at Lubbock has released their “Systems Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Cotton Varieties in the Texas High Plains” report for 2014.

    Authored by Mark Kelley, Texas Extension Agronomist-Cotton and Kristie Keys Extension Assistant Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. the report chapters include:

    1. Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Cotton Varieties
    2. Additional Replicated Irrigated Large Plot Variety Trials
    3. Texas Panhandle Cotton Variety Trials
    4. Additional Replicated Dryland Large Plot Variety Trials
    5. Disease and Root-know Nematode Management
    6. 2014 Sites Planted but Lost Due to Weather
    7. 2014 Lubbock Weather and Crop Information
    8. Evaluating Field Trial Data..

    The objective of this project was to evaluate the profitability of cotton varieties in producers’ fields in the Texas High Plains. Three replications of each variety were included at all locations. In previous years, plots were of sufficient size to enable the combining of all replications of each individual variety into a single module at harvest. Variety modules would then be followed through the commercial ginning process.

    After several years of comparing results from commercial ginning and ginning of grab samples, a strong relationship was observed. Therefore, the decision was made by Extension personnel and the producers to forgo moduling and utilize grab samples from each plot at each location.

    Plot weights were determined at harvest using either a West Texas Lee Weigh Wagon with integral electronic scales, or a Forage Systems flat-bed scale trailer, and bur cotton yields per acre were subsequently calculated by plot. After grab samples from each location and each plot were ginned, lint and seed turnout values were applied to bur cotton yields to determine lint and seed yield/acre. Lint samples resulting from the grab samples from each location were submitted to the Texas Tech University – Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute for HVI fiber analyses and CCC lint loan values were calculated.

    Click here for the complete report.


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