Wild Hogs – Is This The Ultimate Trap Or What?

    To paraphrase the inventor’s creed, “If you build a better wild hog trap, the world will come knocking at your door.”

    That’s what a couple of manufacturers hope will happen with the BoarBuster trapping system, which was developed by the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, an Oklahoma-based nonprofit research institute that focuses on improving ag productivity and wildlife management.

    The BoarBuster looks much like a corral trap commonly used to catch wild hogs, only the corral is suspended on posts several feet off the ground. Bait in the middle draws hogs into the center of trap’s circumference. When hogs or other animals gather under the trap, the person in charge of monitoring it receives a text or email alert.

    A game camera connected to the internet allows the person to see what kinds of animals have gathered. If deer or other non-target species are feeding on the bait, he can ignore the advisory.

    But if hogs are within the trap’s capture zone, the operator can drop the trap around the hogs with his smartphone, tablet or computer.

    See the accompanying video to learn how the trap evolved through Nobel Foundation research efforts.

    In tests, the trap has eliminated enough hogs to keep populations at what would be considered tolerable levels, and it did a better job of that than both hunting and conventional box or corral traps.

    Two companies have been licensed to manufacturer and market the traps. The cost per trap will be $5,995, according to the Noble Founday. That price also includes the camera. A monthly fee for cellular service is projected at $69 a a month.

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