AgFax Grain Review: Syngenta Busy in Court; China Cutbacks on Soybeans

Syngenta in the News

After 45 years, Syngenta is closing its Paris, Illinois seed corn production facility reports Denise Cravens in the Paris-Beacon News.

Syngenta is thinking about a countersuit against the more than 750 U.S. farmers and exporters suing the company over Agrisure Viptera corn causing the disruption of trade with China, reports Reuters.

Bunge’s Earnings Come in Low

Investors did not welcome or expect the low earnings report from Bunge reports Problems with a Chinese soybean crushing operation and issues with its Brazilian sugar operation (for sale – if you’re interested) were blamed.

Rail Shipping – CN Pushes Hard to Get More Done

Canadian National Railray (CN) grain shipments up 18% over last year. Progressive Railroading reports that CN shipped a record volume of grain in 2013-14.

China – Oh, China

China is slowing down on the import of soybeans reports Reuters, apparently due to an “austerity” program. Less food for more people?

Reuters reported China’s farm policy is set to decrease farm subsidies which had been targeted to increase mechanization in its most important crops.

ARC and PLC – Cost is More Than Expected

Daren Baskt notes in The Heritage Foundation article Capping the Cost of the Two Major Commodity Programs that curing farm bill debates critics of the ARC and PLC predicted when, not if, commodity prices fell, the costs would be greater than anticipated.

Farmland Values

Jeroen Blokland blogs about The Economist graph showing farmland best investment of last few decades.

Crop Production

Kansas farmers made a good turnout at the Corn School this week according to a report from HPPR: Six Things Kansas Producers Learned at Corn School.





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