Virginia: Little Rain and Poor Crop Conditions – USDA

Virginia experienced diverse weather this week. Thunderstorms brought moderate rainfall to Western and Southern Virginia, and heavy rainfall to parts of Northern and Southeastern Virginia. Most of Central and Southwestern Virginia received very little rain; continual lack of rain in these areas contributed to poor crop conditions. Northern Virginia reported temperatures in the 80s, while the majority of the Commonwealth experienced highs in the upper 90s to 100 degrees. Days suitable for fieldwork were 5.8. For regions that received significant rain this week, crops were doing well, but in some cases the rain delayed the small grain harvest and double crop soybean plantings.


Growers in the dry regions of Virginia worried that irreversible damage was done to the corn, and will soon hurt the soybeans yield. Pastures were poor in these areas; in some cases livestock producers began to supplementing feed with hay. Other farming activities for the week included starting the peach harvest, extracting honey, making hay, irrigating tobacco, finishing the small grain harvest, and applying herbicides to soybeans and cotton.

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