New Mexico: Irrigated Wheat in Good Condition, Dryland Fields Extremely Stressed – US-DA

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending April 13, 2014.

NEW MEXICO: Days suitable for fieldwork were 6.3. Topsoil moisture was 45% very short, 18% short and 37% adequate. Subsoil moisture 40% very short, 19% short and 41% adequate. Wind damage was 15% light, 29% moderate and 8% severe. Freeze damage was reported at 13% light, 6% moderate and 10% severe.


Rio Arriba: Range conditions due to drought are now a main concern for our livestock producers. Spring allotments are in need of moisture. Some irrigation is taking place along the Rio Grande and Rio Chama.

Colfax: Very windy and dry. Hot days and cold nights.

Curry: Very warm days with cool nights the rule for this week. Irrigated wheat showing good growth and no wind damage. Dry land wheat still extremely stressed with no growth apparent and areas that show yellowing and in serious need of moisture. Areas received .1 to .2 inches of rain early in the week but not enough to relieve drought conditions. No field work in progress for spring planting. Livestock condition still favorable for this time of year. Some native pasture showing signs of green in areas but in need of moisture to sustain.

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