Alabama: Peanuts as an Alternative Crop Meeting, Jan. 23

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Peanuts are an option for North Alabama growers and based on past yields of row crops and projected row crop prices for 2019, they look like they have the most […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Webinar: Ag Market Outlook Under New Farm Bill, Jan. 24

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Join in on Thursday, January 24 at 10 a.m. CST for our next webinar presentation from Patrick Westhoff. He will discuss the market outlook under the new farm bill. Final […]   🕔Jan 18, 2019
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Farm Labor: Bill to Provide Legal Status to Immigrant Workers

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Calling it “an important first step,” the California Farm Bureau Federation welcomed today’s introduction in Congress of new legislation to provide legal status to immigrant farm employees in the United […]   🕔Jan 18, 2019
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Citrus Greening: Scent-Detecting Dogs Help Early Detection – Video

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For decades, humans have relied on dogs to detect explosives, illegal drugs, lost people and wildlife. More recently, they have been used to detect pests such as termites, bedbugs and […]   🕔Jan 21, 2019
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Georgia Peanuts: Yellow Nutsedge Tests Positive for Cadre Resistance

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In September 2017, after doing some preliminary screening, we collected yellow nutsedge tubers from a peanut field that were a strong suspect for resistance to Cadre. Unfortunately, it looks like this […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Illinois Bt Corn: Rootworm Resistance? You Still Have Options

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The development of resistance to Bt Cry toxins by the western corn rootworm is a growing concern, highlighted by the recent confirmation of field-evolved resistance to Cry34/35Ab1 in Iowa. Across […]   🕔Jan 21, 2019
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Indiana: Using Dicamba Products in 2019

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You’ll probably be hearing from a variety of sources about how to safely and legally use post-emergent dicamba products in 2019. These include Engenia (BASF), Fexapan (Corteva/DuPont), and Xtendimax(Bayer/Monsanto). My purpose today […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Kansas: 3 Sorghum Production Schools in Early Feb.

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Three K-State Sorghum Production Schools will be offered in early February to provide in-depth training for sorghum producers and key stakeholders. The schools are sponsored by the Kansas Grain Sorghum […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Louisiana: Sugarcane Harvest Grinds to a Successful Halt

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The 2018 Louisiana sugarcane harvest resulted in record yield in terms of tonnage but a reduced sugar recovery from last year. “When it’s all said and done, we should make […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Mississippi: Growing Furrow Irrigated Rice – What Have We Learned?

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Producing rice in a “rowed-up” manner as other row crops such as corn, soybean, and cotton was a foreign concept just a couple of years ago. Today, there is tremendous interest […]   🕔Jan 18, 2019
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Oklahoma Wheat: Little Disease Present, Keep Watch for Rust

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From a wheat disease perspective, this fall and early winter was relatively quiet in Oklahoma. The extremely wet and cool conditions led to incidence of wheat discoloration that resulted in […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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South Carolina

Clemson Seeks State Funding to Improve Extension Program

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A ninth-generation farmer whose family began farming on John’s Island in 1725, Thomas Legare knows a thing or two about the business, and he told state legislators this week that […]   🕔Jan 18, 2019
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South Dakota

South Dakota Soybeans: Break the 100-Bushel Barrier at 2 Soy100 Events, March 13, 14

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What do South Dakota soybean farmers need to do to break the 100-bushel bean barrier? Get answers and inspiration by attending one of two soy100 events held in Brookings March […]   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Tennessee Bt Corn: Resistance and Variety Selection – Podcast

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After a brief hiatus, the Call of the Week podcast is back. This week’s episode features Dr. Scott Stewart discussing Bt traits, resistance and variety selection.   🕔Jan 22, 2019
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Texas Aquaculture: Low Catfish Prices Push Producers to Redfish, Bass

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Consumer trends continue to drive an industry change from traditional aquaculture species like catfish to higher value species including redfish and hybrid striped bass, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension […]   🕔Jan 21, 2019
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