Arkansas Rice, Soybeans: Farm Strives for Most Advanced Science in the World

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There’s a farm in Arkansas growing soybeans, corn, and rice that is aiming to be the most scientifically advanced farm in the world. Soil samples are run through powerful machines […]   🕔Mar 15, 2018
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California Almonds: Frost/Freeze Damage Assessments – Plenty Of Variables – AgFax Tree Crops

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Trying to predict how big a hit the 2018 almond crop sustained due to frost is still a bit like predicting an earthquake. But more should be known once we […]   🕔Mar 17, 2018
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Florida Cotton, Peanuts: Permit Required for AgLogic Nematicide

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Newly registered for Florida, AgLogic 15GG (gypsum formulation) is a granular nematicide available for use in Florida cotton and peanut. The active ingredient in this product is aldicarb, which you […]   🕔Mar 19, 2018
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Georgia Peanuts: Managing Leaf Spot With Possible Shortage of Chlorothalonil

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In 2018, there is the possibility that peanut growers may face a shortage of chlorothalonil (brand names Bravo, Echo, others). In addition to this, many growers are also not able […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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Illinois: Farm Family Expenses Budgeted on a Per Acre Basis

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Family living expenses are not a tax-deductible expense of the farm business, but they must be budgeted for to sustain the living expense of the farm operator and their family. […]   🕔Mar 19, 2018
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Indiana: Dicamba Webinar Includes Mandatory Training, Weed Update, March 23

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Those seeking to fulfill Indiana’s new mandatory training requirements for the application of dicamba herbicide products on DT soybeans can attend a free webinar hosted by Purdue Extension and the […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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Iowa Corn: Row Spacing Considerations

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Corn row spacing and plant population have been the focus of many studies throughout the years in an effort to identify ways to increase yields and minimize production costs. Many […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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Wheat Waiting On Rain: “The Southern Plains Drought Is Intense” – DTN

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Justin Knopf’s farm in central Kansas went 120 days without a drop of moisture this winter. Now his winter wheat crop is waking up, looking for water, and finding little […]   🕔Mar 14, 2018
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Louisiana Rice: Planting Eases Into Gear

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A limited amount of rice has been planted in Louisiana prior to this week. I would estimate that less than 5% of the acreage in the southwest part of the […]   🕔Mar 15, 2018
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Minnesota Soybeans: 3 Tips for Insecticide-Resistant Soybean Aphid Management

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Insecticide-resistant soybean aphids have emerged as a new challenge to growers in Minnesota and neighboring states. In a new Extension publication, we suggest strategies for managing soybean aphids resistant to […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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Mississippi: Grain Bin Rescue Workshop, Pittsboro, April 17

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Emergency responders and farmers will learn grain bin safety practices and rescue procedures during two workshops on April 17. The Mississippi State University Extension Service is hosting the grain bin […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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Nebraska Average Ag Land Value Drops 3% from 2017

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The average market value of Nebraska farmland declined by 3% over the prior year to $2,745 per acre, according to a preliminary report of the 2018 Nebraska Farm Real Estate […]   🕔Mar 19, 2018
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New Jersey

GMO Corn Keeps Pests From Its Unmodified Neighbors, Study Finds

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Field corn, genetically modified to produce a toxin that kills its most persistent pest, also benefits nearby, unmodified crops vulnerable to the same pest, according to a study published today […]   🕔Mar 14, 2018
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North Carolina

North Carolina Sweet Potatoes: Section 18 Renewal for Mertect to Control Postharvest Black Rot

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The specific exemption section 18 label obtained in 2016 for using Mertect (thiabendazole) for control of black rot (caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fimbriata) postharvest on sweetpotatoes in North Carolina, has […]   🕔Mar 19, 2018
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Oklahoma: Extreme Wildfire Risk Calls in Firefighters from Out of State

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Given the current and predicted fire danger, Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) activated the South-Central Forest Fire Compact and ordered additional wildland firefighting resources from across the southeastern US.  Fire danger […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Managing Burcucumber

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Burcucumber (Sicyos angulatus), a native to North America, continues to be a serious weed problem in agronomic crops throughout the Northeast.   🕔Mar 13, 2018
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Tennessee: Xtend Soybeans – Palmer Amaranth Management Strategies

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As of Monday we have had well over 2400 folks take the dicamba training in Tennessee. Our best estimate is that about 2500 total would be spraying Engenia or XtendiMax […]   🕔Mar 13, 2018
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Texas: Grain-Grading Workshops, Amarillo, May 1, 2

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Two grain-grading workshops hosted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service — one May 1 and one May 2 — will be held in Amarillo. DeDe Jones, Texas A&M AgriLife […]   🕔Mar 19, 2018
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Virginia Cotton: In-Furrow, Seed Treatments – Is Change Coming?

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The options for in-furrow and seed treatment plant protection from thrips, nematodes, and disease offers producers a lot of choice.  We pushed the easy button for the first 20 years […]   🕔Mar 16, 2018
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