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South Carolina Weekly Review

Columbia, SC   Friday, May 15, 2015 USDA-SC Dept Ag Market News

US 2 Yellow Corn was 7 to 11 cents higher.
US 1 Yellow Soybeans were 4 to 25 cents lower.
New Crop US 2 Soft Red Winter Wheat was mostly 41 to 54 cents higher; 
one location 5 cents lower.
Prices offered to South Carolina growers for grain delivered in bulk per 

                                               New Crop
                   US 2 Yellow  US 1 Yellow    US 2 Soft 
                      Corn       Soybeans      Red Wheat
COUNTRY ELEVATORS: 3.48-4.08     8.82-9.52     3.68-4.74     
PROCESSORS:        4.08-4.58        9.87       4.08-4.20          

EXPORTS:                           10.07         4.82          

Source: South Carolina Dept of Ag-USDA Market News, Columbia, SC 
        803-737-4671. For more info check out the internet at

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