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  1. Louisiana: Rice Field Days, May 28 – July 21

    May 28 @ 8:00 am - July 21 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Kentucky: Training on Resistant Weeds and New Herbicide Traits, June 23

    June 23 @ 8:00 am - July 23 @ 5:00 pm
  3. Iowa: Weed Science Field Day, June 25

    June 25 @ 8:00 am - August 26 @ 8:00 am
  4. Louisiana: Rice Research Station Field Day, Crowley, July 1

    July 1 @ 8:00 am - July 2 @ 8:00 pm
  5. Tennessee Soybeans: Scouting Schools, July 1 -14

    July 1 @ 8:00 am - August 14 @ 5:00 pm


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AgFax Almond Review: Prices Firm on Tightening Supplies

Ernst Undesser
By Ernst Undesser, AgFax Web Editor June 14, 2013 10:39

AgFax Almond Review: Prices Firm on Tightening Supplies


  • Mark Jansen provides the May Almond Industry Market Update on his Almond Insights blog, noting that almond prices have firmed as supplies tighten. Shipments for the year are expected to consume the entire 2012 crop and cut into inventory, with a reduction in ending stocks of 10%.


  • reports that a new study by doctors in Canada shows that eating almonds as a regular part of your diet can lower “bad” cholesterol levels while also improving the ratio of bad to good cholesterol.


  • Blue Diamond President and CEO Mark Jansen offers on his Almond Insights blog a transcript of an interview he had with Food & Wine Magazine in which he discusses the almond industry, Blue Diamond Growers, and what he sees as his roll in the industry, as well as offering some insight into his personal life.


  • Alex Sampson reports at the Weekly Times Now that the self-pollinating independence almond variety has become a hit in the U.S, claiming 10% of California almond acres since its release in 2008, but that it has yet to catch on with Australian growers. Sampson notes the lack of enthusiasm in Australia likely has to do with the fact that the variety was released right as the almond industry really hit off in Australia and the time to reach production age for new trees, combined with a desire among growers to see how well the variety trials perform.
Ernst Undesser
By Ernst Undesser, AgFax Web Editor June 14, 2013 10:39

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