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    May 17, 2012

    Arkansas Rice Verification Update: N-STaR* Recs Show Shifting Needs

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    Closing commodity reports from the Arkansas Farm Bureau Commodity Staff.

    By Ralph Mazzanti, Extension Rice Research Verification Coordinator, South Arkansas

    Rice Research Verification Program Update

    May 14, 2012

    Several Rice Research Verification fields are going to flood this week.  Arkansas 1, Chicot 1 and Chicot 2 are now being flooded.  Much needed postemergence herbicides are being applied on some fields.  The N-STaR* nitrogen rates have been determined.  Several fields have reduced N rates while a few have a slight increase.  The purpose for N-STaR* is to get the RIGHT N rate for the field.







    (lbs N/A)




    General Information

    Arkansas 1         

    CL XL 745


    Early Tiller

    The field has been flushed twice.  Herbicide recommendation:  Clearpath (.5 lb/acre) plus Permit Plus (.75 oz/acre) plus (1%) crop oil.  Apply urea (155 lbs/acre) and flood.
    Arkansas 2

    Roy J


    Early Tiller

    Recommendation:  Superwham (4 qts/acre) plus Facet (.5 lb/acre) plus Aim (1oz/acre).  Apply urea (205 lbs/acre) and flood.
    Arkansas 3

    CL 151




    Ammonium sulfate has been applied (100 lbs/acre) the field has been flushed.  The field received .6 inch rain.  Recommendation:  Clearpath (.5 lb/acre) plus Permit Plus (.75 oz/acre) plus (1% crop oil).
    Chicot 1

    CL 151


    Early Tiller

    Recommendation:  Facet (.25 lb/acre) plus Newpath (6 oz/acre) plus crop oil (1%).  Apply urea nitrogen (130 lbs/acre) and flood.
    Chicot 2

    CL 111


    Early Tiller

    Recommendation:  Facet (.5 lb/acre) plus Permit (1oz/acre).  Apply Preflood nitrogen and turn on well for permanent flood.





    Command herbicide is holding grass so far.  No recommendation this week.

    CL XL 745


    Spiking-1 leaf

    The field has been planted and is now emerging. Stand counts indicate 1 plant/ft2.  Should have more next week.

    XP 753




    Ammonium sulfate (100 lbs/acre) has been applied and the field has been flushed.  Rainfall after flushing was 1.4 inches received on 7 May.    Recommendation:  Propanil (4 qts/acre) plus Permit Plus (.75 oz/acre) plus Aim (1 oz/acre).

    XP 753




    Postemergence herbicides applied:  Facet (.5 lb/acre) plus Propanil (4 qts/acre) plus Permit Plus (.75 oz/acre).  Some rice burn has occurred but should be ok by next week.

    Roy J


    Early Tiller

    Herbicide recommendation:  Facet (.67 lb/acre) plus Aim (1 oz/acre) plus crop oil (1%).  Apply preflood nitrogen and flood.

    CL XL 745




    Ammonium sulfate (100 lbs/acre) has been applied and the field has been flushed.  The field received 1.5 inches rain on 7 May.  Herbicide recommendation will be decided this week.

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