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Mississippi: Heavy Rains Limit Field Work

Ernst Undesser
From USDA April 23, 2012

Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending April 12, 2012

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Mississippi, there were 4.1 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, April 22, 2012. Mississippi had another week with heavy rains that limited the time farmers spent in the fields. Growing Conditions for watermelons, as compared to last week, were affected by the wet weather and cool temperature. Most of the corn is planted with conditions mostly good. Soil moisture was rated 2 percent short, 81 percent adequate and 17 percent surplus.



“Cooler rainy weather patterns have stopped early season spraying for early emerged pasture weeds. Some north Mississippi areas are dry, however most areas have adequate moisture and some have excess moisture. Fertilizer prices are on the rise. Fewer pasture acres will be fertilized this year.”
–Mike Howell, Lee

“Wet weather slowed field work this past week, but some soybeans, cotton and peanuts were planted near the end of last week. We need some dry weather to finish corn fertilization and herbicide work.”
–Jerry Singleton, Leflore

“Very little field work was done last week. There should be some crops planted early this week as the fields have dried out the last few days.”
–Lester Stephens, Washington

“The rains and cooler weather seemed to have slowed down most farm and garden activities. If it gets down into the high 30’s like it’s predicted, most of the garden and row crop plants’ growth will be even slower. We need some warm and dry weather!”

–Houston Therrell, Rankin

“For the past week or so the cooler temperatures, especially at night, have slowed growth down.”

–Ruby D. Rankin, Kemper

Ernst Undesser
From USDA April 23, 2012