Alabama Cotton: Spider Mite Control Proves Tricky7-29

Alabama: Scattered Rainfall, Army Worms In Certain Areas – USDA7-28



Arkansas Rice: Weather a Roll of the Dice, Expect More Disease Development7-25

Arkansas Corn, Sorghum: Fields Approach Irrigation Termination7-25

Arkansas: Corn, Sorghum Irrigation Termination7-24

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Once again hybrids lead the pack.

Check our 2013 Farmer Verified Ricetec Hybrid Yield Trials.



California Cotton Moving Quickly, Aphids And Whitefly Around – AgFax7-27

California Almonds: Early Harvest Gains Momentum – AgFax7-27

California Ag And Twitter: Your Starter Kit7-27 @sjvcrops

California Cotton: Crop Setting Up Along 2 Very Different Paths7-26

California Cotton: Heat Effects, PGR Decisions7-26

California Almonds: Salt Burn vs. Leaf Scorch7-25


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Florida Peanuts: Beet Armyworms and Other Caterpillars Showing Up7-25

Florida Peanuts: White Mold Management Options7-25


Georgia: Canola Meeting, Bainbridge, Aug. 87-29

Georgia Peanuts: Spider Mite Numbers Building7-29

Georgia: Caterpillars Increase in Pastures, Hayfields7-29

Georgia Peanuts: Rednecked Worms Getting Worse7-29

Georgia Cotton: Spots Found on Lower Leaves7-29

Georgia: Fall Armyworms in Soybean Fields7-28

Georgia Cotton: Aphids Down, Plant Bugs Still Around7-25


Illinois: Soybeans In Good Condition, Corn in Silking Stage- USDA7-28

Illinois Corn: A Good Crop is Taking Shape7-24


Indiana Corn: Northern Corn Leaf Blight Developing Rapidly7-24

Indiana Corn: How Will Cool Temps Affect Crop? Too Soon to Tell7-24

Indiana: Late-Season Herbicide Applications May Be Ineffective, Says Weed Scientist7-24


Iowa: Corn Yield Predictions7-28


Kansas: Canola School Scheduled for Aug. 7 in Sedgwick County7-30

Kansas: Dry Conditions, Corn in Dough Stage – USDA7-28


Kentucky Soybeans: Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs on the Rise7-28

Kentucky: Biosolids Becoming Viable Fertilizer Option7-28

Kentucky: Fall Armyworm Moth Capture Sees Big Jump7-28

Kentucky Soybeans: Insect Populations on the Rise7-25

Kentucky: UK Corn, Soybean, Tobacco Field Day July 31 in Princeton7-25


Louisiana Sugarcane: New Variety, Planter Featured at Field Day7-30

Louisiana Wheat: Preliminary Variety Trial Results7-29

Louisiana: Soybeans are Looking Good, Corn Drying Down – USDA7-28

Louisiana Rice: Harrell to Replace Saichuk as Extension Specialist7-28

Louisiana Rice: Late Planted Fields Still at Risk of Disease7-25

Louisiana: Extension Played Vital Role in War Effort7-25

Louisiana: Sodium Nitrite Explored for Wild Hog Control7-24




Mississippi: Crops Look Good, Rains Prevent Some Field Work – USDA7-28

Flint on Crops: Challenges for Farmers Keep Coming, Keep Changing7-28

Mississippi Cotton: Transform Efficacy on Aphids Decreases with Cool Temps7-25

Mississippi Sorghum: 10 Observations on Sugarcane Aphid Control7-25

Mississippi Corn: Estimating Crop Yield7-25

Mississippi: Agronomic Row Crops Field Day Slated Aug. 7 in Verona7-25

Mississippi Rice: Stink Bug Management7-25



Nebraska: Late Summer Grass and Alfalfa Planting – Preparation is Key7-25

Nebraska Corn: Hybrid-Maize Model Forecasts 2014 Yields7-25

Nebraska Corn: 2014 Forecasted Yields7-25

New Jersey

New Mexico

North Carolina

North Carolina: Rediscovering Grain Sorghum — DTN7-25

North Carolina: Southern Corn Rust Management7-24


North Dakota


Ohio: Wheat Harvest Nearly Finished Thanks to Drier Weather – USDA7-28



Pennsylvania: Wheat Harvest Nearly Finished, Corn in Early Milk Stage – USDA7-28

South Carolina


Tennessee Cotton: Crunch Time for Insect Management7-28

Tennessee: Southwestern Corn Borer Flight Kicking Off7-24


From the editors of Peanut Grower…

Mid-Season to Harvest Challenges

Peanut Pointers 

to Peanut Grower


Texas: Sugarcane Aphid Moves West into Concho Valley7-29

Texas Crop Weather: Fall Armyworms Out Early Due to Unseasonable Rains7-29

Texas: Cotton Squaring, Forming Bolls, Sugarcane Aphids Will in Sorghum – USDA7-28

Texas Livestock: Challenges Persist for Ranchers Seeking to Expand Herds7-28

Texas Cattle: Challenges Persist for Producers Looking to Expand Herds7-28

Texas Cotton: Lygus Uptick Noted – Hale And Swisher Counties7-26

Texas Sorghum: All Fields Susceptible to Sugarcane Aphids7-24


Virginia: Tornado Damages Crop, Conditions Lower Than Last Year7-28

Virginia Grain Sorghum: Scouting for Worms Important7-25

Virginia Soybeans: Sweeping for Kudzu Bugs Advised7-25

Virginia Peanuts: Some Fields Running Low On Manganese7-25


Sunbelt Ag News

    AgFax Cotton Review: Possible Rise in Chinese Imports; Pigweed Problems in Texas7-30

    DTN Livestock Midday: Cattle Futures Sharply Higher7-30

    DTN Grain Midday: Corn, Soybean Trade Mixed7-30

    Endangered Species Act Reform Passes House — DTN7-30

    USDA Preps for Possible Invasion by Old World Bollworm — DTN7-30

    DTN Cotton Open: Ticks Quietly Just Above Unchanged7-30

    DTN Livestock Open: Mixed Start for Meat Futures7-30

    DTN Grain Open: Wheat Starts Fractionally Higher7-30

    Keith Good: C.O.O.L. Rules for Packaged Meat Upheld by Appeals Court7-30

    DTN Livestock Close: Lean Hog Futures Collapse Further7-29

    Doane Cotton Close: Sharp Losses on Improved Conditions7-29

    Keeping Farm Management in Line with Increasing Regulations – DTN7-29

    DTN Cotton Close: Ends on New Contract Low7-29

    Mississippi: MSU Wild Hog Research Needs Foresters, Farmers7-29

    DTN Grain Close: Markets Slide Lower7-29

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices7-29

    AgFax Grain Review: Chinese Trade Issues Continue; Navy to Purchase 37M Gallons of Biofuels7-29

    AFB Grain-Soybean Close: Wheat Unable to Follow Corn, Soybeans Higher7-28

    AFB Cotton Close: Moves Higher in Narrow Range7-28

    AFB Rice Close: Futures Down Slightly7-28

    Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Conditions Decline, Still at Historical Highs – DTN7-28

    DDGs: China Issues New Import Rules, U.S. Unlikely to Comply – DTN7-28

    Cattle: Minimizing the Risk of Scours — DTN7-28

    Good on Grain: Storing the 2014 Corn Crop7-28

    DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Domestic Ammonia Prices Down Slightly7-28

    Flint on Crops: Challenges for Farmers Keep Coming, Keep Changing7-28

    USDA Commentary: Weekly Cotton Markets, Weather by Region7-25

    Rose on Cotton: No Pleasure in this Market Made for Bears7-25

    Rice Market: U.S. Futures Decline as Global Prices Rise7-25

    Rice Crop: Harvest Begins Slowly in Louisiana and Texas7-25

    Rice Commentary – Rice Farmers Need to Consider a New Business Plan7-25

    Leave Your Guns at the House, Boys.7-25

    Peanuts: 15% Of Crop Ungathered In Key Argentine Production Area7-25

    Rail Car Delays Causing Dread Among Elevator Operators – DTN7-25

    Catfish Production: Water Surface Acres at 63,700 Acres7-25

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights7-25

    Arkansas: New iPhone App Simplifies Farmers’ Finances7-25

    Taking the Risk Out of Buying Used Equipment — DTN7-25

    North Carolina: Rediscovering Grain Sorghum — DTN7-25

    Peanuts: Worms Still Building In SE; Rains Boost West’s Crop – AgFax7-25

    Shurley on Cotton: Prices Try to Stabilize, Still Show Weakness7-25

    Southern Soybean Insect Situation Gets Complicated – AgFax7-25

    AgFax Wildlife Review: Wild Hogs Damaging Levees in Louisiana7-25

    Ethanol: Final 2014 RFS Release ‘Imminent’ – DTN7-24

    Doane Cotton Close: Prices Break Out of Range Lower7-24

    New Rural Infrastructure Fund Established — DTN7-24

    U.S. Grain Transportation: Wheat Demand Increases, Inspections Rise7-24

    2014 Farm Bill Decisions: Base Acre Reallocation Option7-24

    Louisiana: Sodium Nitrite Explored for Wild Hog Control7-24

    U.S. Energy: Refineries Running at Record Levels7-24

    Gasoline Prices: Show 4-Cent Decrease7-24

    Propane Stocks: Continue to Rise7-24

    Diesel Prices: Average Declines by 3 Cents7-24

    Sunbelt Ag Events


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