Alabama: Website Created to Help Navigate Farm Bill9-2



Arkansas: Rice Research Verification Update9-2

Arkansas Rice: Drier Weather Lets Combines Hit Fields8-29

Arkansas: Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome May Indicate Nematode Problem8-29

Arkansas: Soybean Verification Update8-29

Arkansas: Corn, Sorghum Weekly Update8-29

Arkansas: Flood Damage to Crops Valued at $35.6M8-29

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2014 Rice Harvest Tips - Audio Podcasts For People On The Go:

Draining Hybrid Rice - Timing, Moisture, When To Cut

Late Rice Harvest Decisions - Nitrogen, Stink Bug Considerations, Juggling Other Crops


California Cotton: Defoliation Just Around The Corner – AgFax8-31

California Cotton: Managing Late Pests, Preventing Sticky Problems8-31

California Almonds: After A Tough Year, Make Irrigation Maintenance A Priority8-30

California Cotton: Late-Season Symptoms – Should You Worry?8-30

California Cotton: West Side Field Day Set For September 118-29

California: Pinnacle Announces Acquisition of Kerman Ag Resources8-29



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Florida Grain Sorghum: Alert – Sugarcane Aphids Are Here8-28

Sugarcane Aphid In Grain Sorghum: Florida, Georgia Find Infestations8-27


Georgia Cotton: Late Season Fertility Decisions9-2

Georgia Peanuts: Anything Ready To Dig?9-1

Georgia Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Expanding Through State8-29

Georgia Cotton: Boll-Feeding Insects on the Prowl8-28

Georgia: Cattle Getting Competition from Caterpillars8-28

Georgia: Summer Drought Plus Heat Putting Stress on Crops8-28


Illinois Corn: Did We Miss Boat on Plant Population This Year?8-28


Indiana Corn: A Few Things to Do Before Harvest8-29

Indiana Corn: Crop Progressing Ahead of 2009, Specialist Says8-28


Iowa Soybeans: Diseases Are Taking Off9-1


Pinnacle Announces the Acquisition of Wellsville’s East Kansas Chemical9-2

Kansas Livestock: KSU Beef Stocker Field Day Set Sept. 258-29

Kansas: KSU Field Day Scheduled Sept. 26 at Columbus8-28


Kentucky: Corn Harvest Expected to Pick Up — USDA9-2


Michigan: Warmer Temps Needed for Corn — USDA8-25



Flint on Crops: Rain Is Better Than Well Water9-1

Mississippi Cotton: When to Terminate Bollworm Sprays in Late Bt Fields8-29

Mississippi: Bollworm Catches Decline Again8-29

Mississippi Cotton: Healthy Crop Tempered by Slumping Prices8-29

Mississippi Outdoors: Beaver Management Not a Simple Issue8-29

Mississippi: Fall 2014 Lime Programs8-29


Missouri Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids in Southeastern Fields8-28

Missouri Rice: Managing Fall Armyworms8-28

Missouri: Moth Trap Data for Bootheel Pests8-28


Nebraska Soybeans: Identify Diseases Correctly8-29

Nebraska: Late-Season Flooding Effects on Corn8-29

Nebraska Crop Reports: Dryland Fields are in Need of Rain8-29

New Mexico

North Carolina

North Carolina: Peanut Field Day Slated Sept. 4 in Lewiston-Woodville8-29

North Carolina Soybeans: Treatment Recommendations for Soybean Loopers8-28

North Carolina Cotton: Bollworms Developing in Bt Fields8-28


North Dakota



Oklahoma: Peanut and Cotton Field Tour, Fort Cobb, Sept. 238-28


Pennsylvania Alfalfa: Considerations in Timing of Fall Harvest9-2

Pennsylvania: Corn Silage Harvest is Coming9-2

South Carolina

South Carolina: Crop Production Field Day Set Sept. 25 at Blackville9-2

South Dakota


From the editors of Rice Farming...


Mississippi Brothers Keep Rice in the Crop Mix


On-the-Farm Rice Drying Tips

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Texas: Randall County Ag Show and Crops Tour Slated Sept. 239-2

Texas Cotton Industry Mourns The Death Of Economist Carl Anderson9-1

Texas Cotton: Managing Late Fields – Hale And Swisher Counties8-30

Texas Grain: Late Pest Potential Remains In Hale, Swisher Counties8-30

Texas Cattle: Training to Lessen ‘Risky Business’ of Beef Production8-28


Virginia Soybeans: Corn Earworms Low But Plenty Resistant8-28

Virginia: Fall Armyworm Moth Counts Unusually High8-28


Sunbelt Ag News

    Grain TV: Improved Crop Conditions Likely to Pressure Markets9-2

    DTN Livestock Close: Cattle Complex Makes Significant Price Surge9-2

    Doane Cotton Close: Crop Condition Slips Slightly9-2

    USDA Grain Inspections Neutral for Futures Markets — DTN9-2

    DTN Cotton Close: Lowest Finish Since Aug. 199-2

    Pinnacle Announces the Acquisition of Wellsville’s East Kansas Chemical9-2

    Livestock: Rebuilding U.S. Animal Industries9-2

    DTN Grain Close: Soybeans Rally Despite Strong Greenback9-2

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices9-2

    AgFax Grain Review: Corn to Stay at $4; Corn Thieves Apprehended in Connecticut9-2

    DTN Livestock Midday: Strong Gains Flood into Markets9-2

    National Corn Growers Association Names New CEO — DTN9-2

    DTN Grain Midday: Wheat Trade 7 to 13 Lower9-2

    Brazil Soybean Exports Decline in August — DTN9-2

    DTN Cotton Open: Tumbles to Five-Session Low9-2

    South Carolina: Crop Production Field Day Set Sept. 25 at Blackville9-2

    DTN Livestock Open: Cattle Futures Starting with Firm Undertone9-2

    DTN Grain Open: Higher on Light Buying Interest9-2

    Keith Good: Rail Service Problems Persist; Hog Prices Rebounding9-2

    Texas Cotton Industry Mourns The Death Of Economist Carl Anderson9-1

    Livestock: Market Lessons from 4-H County Fairs – DTN9-1

    China Cotton: Reserves’ Quantity, Quality Cause Problems – DTN9-1

    Welch on Wheat: Spring Wheat Harvest Running 22% Behind9-1

    Welch on Grain: Corn Condition Improves, Well Above Average9-1

    Flint on Crops: Rain Is Better Than Well Water9-1

    Rose on Cotton: Plenty of Gaps and No Rallies Expected8-29

    Peanut Harvest In N. Fla.; Drought Pushes Digging In Lower SE – AgFax8-29

    Rice Crop: Looking for a Normal Crop, Not a Bumper8-29

    Rice Market: Being Short Tricky but Being Long Takes Patience8-29

    Peanut Stocks and Processing: Utilization Up 2%, Stocks at 1.9B lbs8-29

    Cleveland on Cotton: Chinese Demand Pulling Prices Higher8-29

    Doane Cotton Close: Futures Unable to Recover Losses8-29

    AFB Grain-Soybean Close: Modest Losses Across the Board8-29

    AFB Cotton Close: Dec. Moves Fractionally Lower8-29

    AFB Rice Close: Futures Chart New Leg Down8-29

    Farm Bill: Cotton Transition Assistance Enrollment Now Open8-29

    Are USDA Corn Yield Forecasts Getting Better or Worse Over Time?8-29

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights8-29

    Farmers with Foreign Assets Face New IRS Rules and Serious Penalties8-29

    Mississippi Outdoors: Beaver Management Not a Simple Issue8-29

    Arkansas: Flood Damage to Crops Valued at $35.6M8-29

    Delta Soybean Yields Start Strong; Sugarcane Aphid Marches On – AgFax8-29

    California: Pinnacle Announces Acquisition of Kerman Ag Resources8-29

    Midwest Farm Lenders Expect Solid Output; Lower Farm Income – Federal Reserve8-29

    Farm Payments to Stakeholders Rise as Gov. Payments Decline – USDA8-29

    Young Farmer in Your Future? – Helping Him or Her is Key to Success. – DTN8-29

    Net Farm Income Forecast to Fall,10.6% Decline Crop Value – USDA8-29

    Alabama: Pesticide Clean Days, Sept. 3-48-28

    Oklahoma: Fall Cotton Tour, Hydro, Sept. 118-28

    Rice Harvest Eases Into Gear In Midsouth – AgFax8-28

    Farm Drones Under Scrutiny: Farmers Impatient for FAA Ruling – DTN8-28

    USDA Readies Dairy Program, Producers Able to Sign Up Tuesday – DTN8-28

    U.S. Grain Transportation: Inspections Continue to Increase8-28

    Farm Program Decisions Hinge on Uncertain 2014 Crop Prices8-28

    Raindrops Keep Falling on Heads of Many Midwest Farmers — DTN8-28

    Economist: Big Potential in China for U.S. Corn, Livestock Exports8-28

    John Deere Lays Off 460 from Waterloo, Iowa Factory8-28

    U.S. Energy: Retail Gas Prices Follow Crude Prices Lower8-28

    Gasoline Prices: Decline by 2 Cents8-28

    Propane Stocks: Up to 74.7M Barrels8-28

    Diesel Prices: Average Drops a Penny8-28

    Sugarcane Aphid In Grain Sorghum: Florida, Georgia Find Infestations8-27

    Sunbelt Ag Events


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