Alabama: Dry Weather Comes at Bad Time for Wiregrass Crops8-19



Arkansas Soybeans: Cash Market Shows 45-Cent Fall8-18

Arkansas: Rice Research Verification Program Update8-18

Arkansas Rice: Harvest Begins in Some Fields8-15

Arkansas: Corn, Grain Sorghum Weekly Update8-15

Arkansas Peanuts: Southern Blight Makes Late Appearance8-15

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Ratoon rice in 2014?

Second-crop production tips for a delayed season, a special audio report.


California: Alfalfa and Forage Field Day Set Sept. 12 at Parlier8-18

California Cotton: More Bolls Opening And Early, Too – AgFax8-17

California: Kern County Celebrates 14 Century Farming Families, August 218-16

California Cotton: Making Decisions With Good And Bad Retentions8-16

California Pistachios: Disease Assessments Before Harvest8-16

California Pistachios: Don’t Let Up On NOW8-16

California Pistachios: How Will The Splits Run?8-16



Delaware Soybeans: Scouting for Cyst and Rootknot Nematodes8-14

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Florida: Yellowing in Peanuts is Due to Manganese Deficiency8-15

Florida: Suppress Palmer Pigweed with a Ryegrass Cover Crop8-15

Florida Peanuts: ‘Showing a Lot of Stress’8-15


Georgia: Corn Harvest Underway, Cotton Loading Bolls – USDA8-19

Georgia Peanuts: Insects Continue to Pose Problems Across the State8-18

Georgia Soybeans: Ultra Late Beans are Ultra Buggy8-18

Georgia: Cotton Opening in South8-18

Georgia: Question of the Week — Skunk8-18

Georgia Corn: Stored Grain Protectant Update8-15

Southeast Georgia Pecan Field Day Slated Aug. 27 in Baxley8-15


Illinois Farm Real Estate Continues Increases for 20148-14





Kentucky: Rains Benefit Crops but May Be Too Late for Corn – USDA8-18

Kentucky: Biosolid Fertilizer Field Tour Recap8-18


Louisiana Rice: Tour of Disease Research Plots Set Aug. 26 in Crowley8-19

Louisiana: Harvest Checklist for Yield Monitors, Yield Data8-18

Louisiana: Harvest Underway for All Crops – USDA8-18

Louisiana Corn: Research Looks at Insect Resistance to Bt Varieties8-15

Louisiana: Wild Hog Damage Survey to be Conducted8-15

Louisiana Soybeans: Research Focuses on Stink Bugs, Other Pests8-14

Louisiana Rice: Waiting for Crop to Mature8-14




Flint on Crops: Nutrient Deficiencies at Root of Many Problems8-18

Mississippi Soybeans: Frogeye Leaf Spot Still Prevalent8-18

Mississippi Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphid Problem May Kill 2015 Crop8-15

Mississippi: MSU Scientists Provide Late-Season Crop Advice8-15

Mississippi Soybeans: When to Terminate Insect Sprays8-15

Mississippi Cotton: Controlling Bollworms in Dual Gene Bt Varieties8-15

Mississippi Outdoors: Early Forecast for Duck Migration Looks Good8-15



New Mexico

North Carolina

North Carolina: Cool, Wet Weather Keeps Crops in Good Condition – USDA8-18

North Carolina Soybeans: ID’ing Diseases Causing Physiological Scorch8-15

North Carolina Soybeans: Making Insecticide Decisions In Hyde County8-14

Cotton: Brown Marmorated Makes Its First Economic Appearance – AgFax8-13

North Carolina: Cooperative Extension Launches Reconstructive Plan8-12


North Dakota


Ohio Soybeans: Conditions Perfect for White Mold8-19

Ohio: Rain Provides Needed Soil Moisture – USDA8-18



Pennsylvania: Rains Benefit Corn, Soybeans – USDA8-18

South Carolina

South Carolina Soybeans: 83% Bloomed, Insects Quiet8-15

South Carolina Cotton: Don’t Let Guard Down on Insects8-15

South Dakota


Tennessee Grain Sorghum: Harvest Aid Options8-18

Tennessee Sorghum: Section 18 Granted for Transform8-18

Tennessee Cotton: Nearing the End for Insect Problems8-14

Tennessee Sorghum: Update on White Sugarcane Aphids8-14

Tennessee Soybeans: Stink Bugs Ramping Up8-14

Tennessee Cotton: Lightning Can Cause Injury8-14

Tennessee: 4 Farm Bill Meetings Set Aug. 18-218-14

Arkansas: Stuckey Farms is Family Affair

Specialists Speak: Late Crop Plays Catch Up

To Cotton Farming




Texas Sorghum: Midge Populations Approaching Treatable Levels8-19

Texas: Crop Harvests Underway or Expected to Start Soon – USDA8-18

Texas Cotton: Harvest Off to Good Start in Rio Grande Valley8-14

Texas: Plant Protection Conference Slated Dec. 10-11 in Bryan8-14

Texas: Wheat Production Meeting Set Aug. 20 at Muleshoe8-14


Virginia Cotton: Cut Out Showing Up a Little Early8-18

Virginia Corn: Southern Rust an Issue in Late-Planted Fields8-15

Virginia Peanuts: Sclerotinia Blight Risk Remains High8-15

Virginia Peanuts: Late-Season Weed Control8-14

Virginia Soybeans: Kudzu Bug, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Update8-14

Virginia Sorghum: At Risk of Headworm Infestation8-14

Virginia Cotton: Bollworm Moth Flight Picking Up8-14


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    U.S. Rice Crop: Harvest Underway in Texas, Louisiana; Cooler Temps Elsewhere8-15

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    Argentine Farmers Play It Safe, Plant Soybeans — DTN8-14

    Farm Family: What is Your Legacy Beyond the Business? – DTN8-14

    U.S. Grain Transportation: Weekly Inspections Down Slightly8-14

    Texas: Plant Protection Conference Slated Dec. 10-11 in Bryan8-14

    U.S. Energy: Midwest Propane Inventories Show Strong Growth8-14

    Gasoline Prices: Average Drops 1 Cent8-14

    Propane Stocks: Increase 1.8M Barrels8-14

    China Corn Reserves Reach Burdensome Levels — DTN8-14

    Cotton: Brown Marmorated Makes Its First Economic Appearance – AgFax8-13

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