Alabama Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Found in Escambia County7-18



Arkansas: Soybean Planting, Replanting Wrapping Up – USDA7-21

Arkansas Rice: Cool Weather Benefits Crop; “Off” Color Not a Problem7-18

Arkansas Soybeans: Old-Crop Cash Market Declines for 3rd Week7-18

Arkansas: Lighter-Than-Expected Rains a Relief7-18

Arkansas Soybeans: Research Fields Reach Reproduction Stage7-18

Arkansas: Corn, Grain Sorghum Weekly Update7-18

Arkansas Corn: Watch Closely for Southern Rust7-18

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Preflood 2014: Hybrid Rice Recs And Guidelines


 Nitrogen recommendations

 It's not too late to plant hybrids

 Using Beyond herbicide on RiceTec Clearfield hybrids

 RiceTec replant policy

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California: Cotton Looks Good Where Growers Have Water – USDA7-21

California Cotton: Crop Moving Fast. Strong Yield Potential – AgFax7-20

California Almonds: Early, Early Start To Harvest – AgFax7-20



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Florida: Corn, Rice Harvests Begin – USDA7-21

Florida Cotton: Fertilizing Late Planted Crop7-18


Georgia: Question of the Week — Black Racer7-24

Georgia Peanuts: Caterpillars Like ‘Em Too7-24

Georgia: Pecan Scab Fungicide Sensitivity Testing7-23

Georgia Peanuts: Recognizing Beneficial Parasitic Wasps7-23

Georgia Peanuts: Dealing with Foliage Feeding Caterpillars7-23

Georgia Soybeans: Be Ready to Control Kudzu Bugs7-22

Georgia: Crops in Mostly Good Condition with Some Heat Stress – USDA7-22


Illinois: Renegotiating Cash Rents Down for 20157-22

Illinois: Wheat Harvest Nearly Finished, Crops in Good Condition – USDA7-21


Indiana: Late-Season Herbicide Applications May Be Ineffective, Says Weed Scientist7-24

Indiana: A Break From Rain Keeps Farmers Busy in Fields – USDA7-21


Iowa: Good Crop Conditions, Development Ahead of Last Year – USDA7-22

Iowa Corn: Midseason Update on Diseases, Fungicides7-18


Kansas: Resistant Pigweed Requires Integrated Approach7-21


Kentucky Soybeans: Highlights from Roundup Ready Xtend Field Day7-23

Kentucky: Rains Benefit Some Areas, Overall Conditions Decline – USDA7-21


Louisiana: Rice, Soybean Farmers Receive Crop Updates at St. Landry Field Tour7-23

Louisiana Rice: Long-Grain Prices Expected to Fall7-22

Louisiana: Ag’s Mary Mims — Community Organizer Extraordinaire7-22

Louisiana: Corn Reaching Maturity, No Soybean Disease So Far – USDA7-21

Louisiana: Sweet Potato Field Day Set Aug. 7 in Chase7-21

Louisiana Corn: Managing Southern Rust7-18

Louisiana Cotton: Bacterial Blight Observed in 3 Parishes7-18




Mississippi Peanuts: Unlikely Stem Rot Found in South Delta7-23

Mississippi Corn: MSU Researchers Study Early Planting7-22

Mississippi: Rains Continue to Delay Field Work – USDA7-21

Mississippi Irrigation: Laying Poly Pipe Still a Good Idea for Soybeans7-21

Mississippi Corn: Manage to Reduce Incomplete Kernel Setting7-21

Mississippi Soybeans: Foliar Disease Update7-21

Mississippi: Corn Growers Feel Bite of Bear Market7-21


Missouri Wheat: Evaluate Seed Quality Prior to Planting7-22

Missouri Soybeans, Sorghum: Foliar Fungicides Start at R3, Keep Eyes Open for Insects7-22

Missouri: Crops in Good Condition in Abnormally Cool Weather – USDA7-21


Nebraska: County Crop Conditions – Wheat Harvest, Weather Damage, Leafhoppers7-18

Nebraska Soybeans: Cool Conditions May Lead to White Mold7-18

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Carolina Cotton: Stink Bug Management7-22

North Carolina: Southern Corn Rust Spreading, Some Areas Need Water – USDA7-21


North Dakota




Pennsylvania: Crop Conditions Mostly Good, Wheat Harvest in Full Swing – USDA7-21

South Carolina

South Dakota


Tennessee: Rain Has Been A Blessing And A Curse – USDA7-21

Tennessee: Proper Nozzle Selection for Pesticide Applications7-21

Tennessee: 13th Mid South Ag Finance Conference Set Aug. 6 at Martin7-16


From the editors of Peanut Grower…

Mid-Season to Harvest Challenges

Peanut Pointers 

to Peanut Grower


Texas Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Identified West of I-35 for 1st Time7-23

Texas Sorghum: Be on Alert for Fall Armyworms7-23

Texas Crop Weather: Hay Situation Good in East, Southeast, Iffy Elsewhere7-22

Texas: Open Cotton Bolls in the Coastal Bend; Peanuts Pegging in the South – USDA7-21

Texas Plains Pest Management: Cotton Looks Good, Insects on Rise in Corn, Sorghum7-18

Texas Cotton: Bolls Open in LRGV, Defoliants to Start Next Week7-18


Virginia Corn: Anticipating the Arrival of Southern Rust7-22

Virginia: Cooler Temperatures and Mixed Rain – USDA7-21

Virginia Soybeans: Where are the Kudzu Bugs?7-18


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    Rose on Cotton: Future Holds Possibility of New Crop Sales Increase7-18

    Rice Market: USDA Report Leaves Unanswered Questions7-18

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