Arkansas: Corn Planting Dates – How Late Can You Plant?3-25

Arkansas: Wet Fields Keep Work on Hold – USDA3-23

Arkansas Rice: More Planting Delays so Take Time to Get Ready3-20

Arkansas: Corn, Sorghum Planting Suffers More Delays3-20

Arkansas Rice: Pest Scouting Key Factor in Record Verification Field3-20


USDA Tree Crops: Almond Production Declines, Walnuts Increase3-25

California: Seminar on Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus , April 13-25

California Tree Crops: 12 Quick Things To Know This Week (Video)3-24

California Vineyards: Soil Microbes Shape Grapes’ Microbial Community3-24

California: 7 Quick Things to Know this Week about Field Crops (Video)3-23

California: Planting Preparations Underway – USDA3-23

California Almonds: Leaffooted Bugs Turning Up, Nonpareils Showing Weakness – AgFax3-22


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Topics include:

Managing risk for success - your goal for 2015.

Grain drill calibration tips. Working out your approach.

RiceTec seed supply update - limited supplies on several popular choices.

Smart Rice. What is it?

Strobilurin-resistant sheath blight. It's spreading. Are your ready?

New service area boundaries. More staff to better respond to your needs.

Got questions? Updated RiceTec contact information.

Also, hear an update on delayed rice planting in Texas and south Louisiana.


Georgia: Forage Conference, Perry, April 1-23-23

Georgia: Winter Peas for Cover Crop3-20

Georgia Canola: Be on the Lookout for Aphids3-20

Georgia Corn: Planting Going Strong in Some Places3-20


Illinois: Gross Returns Divided by Economic Costs – farmdocDaily3-20


Louisiana: Limited Corn Planting Begins – USDA3-23

Louisiana Crawfish: 3 Problems Causing Early Deaths3-23

Louisiana: 3 Soil Health Workshops Scheduled April 7-93-23

Louisiana Rice: Bird Repellent Okayed – What To Do With It?3-20



Mississippi: Fields Still Too Wet to Work – USDA3-23

Mississippi Soybeans: 7 Tips for Early Planting3-23

Flint on Crops: Weather Lottery – Do You Feel Lucky?3-23

Mississippi Rice: Kicking Early Season Weed Control Off Right3-17



North Carolina

North Carolina Wheat: 4 Reasons Why Tank Mix for Cereal Leaf Beetle May be Worth the Risk3-16

North Carolina Blueberries: 5 Steps to Start Your Own Patch3-11



Oklahoma: Northeast Wheat Condition Improves, North Central Needs Water – USDA3-23

South Dakota



Texas: Corn Planting Underway in Blacklands, South Central – USDA3-23

Texas Sorghum: Insecticide Recommendations for Sugarcane Aphids3-23

Sunbelt Ag News

    DTN Livestock Midday: Lack of Additional Buyer Support3-26

    DTN Grain Midday: South American Harvest Moving Toward Completion3-26

    Oklahoma: Ag Pesticide Disposal, Purcell, April 223-26

    Residential Propane, Heating Oil: Prices Decrease3-26

    Diesel: Prices Decrease3-26

    Gasoline: Prices Up Slightly3-26

    DTN Cotton Open: Cash Grower Sales Slumped3-26

    U.S. Energy: Gasoline Specifications Change and So Does the Price3-26

    The Survey Says, Farmers Plan to Increase Soybean Acres – DTN3-26

    New Swine Census Expected to be Full of “Oppsies” – DTN3-26

    DTN Livestock Open: Support by Cash Premiums3-26

    DTN Grains Open: Overnight Rally Sparked by Conflict Overseas3-26

    Grain TV: Increased Ethanol Production3-25

    AgFax Grain Review: Manage for Higher Soy Yields; Less Corn to Switch to Soybeans3-25

    DTN Livestock Close: Concern about Growing Supplies3-25

    DTN Cotton Close: Choppy Trade Day3-25

    Michigan: 31 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas3-25

    Oklahoma: Payne County Designated Natural Disaster Area3-25

    DTN Grain Close: Quiet, Cautious Trade3-25

    Marketing: Are You Really Getting the Best Price for Your Crop? – farmdoc3-25

    Licking Your Finger Won’t Cut It, Don’t Let the Wind Get You in Trouble While Spraying – DTN3-25

    Irrigation – Moisture Sensors Pay Dividends, Says This Consultant (Podcast)3-25

    Illinois Soybean Farmers Asked to Complete Online Survey3-25

    Grain TV: Improved Crop Conditions in Southern Plains3-24

    Illinois Soybeans: Maturity Rating, Does Planting Early Even Matter?3-24

    AFB Grain-Soybean Close: Dollar Support Gives Way3-24

    AFB Cotton Close: Dec. Holds Above 643-24

    AFB Rice Close: Unable to Hold Daily Highs3-24

    Welch on Wheat: Crop Conditions Continue to Improve3-24

    California Tree Crops: 12 Quick Things To Know This Week (Video)3-24

    Welch on Grain: Fewer Corn Acres, More Soybeans Expected in USDA Reports3-24

    Peanuts: Southern Growers Conference Set For July 23-253-24

    Farm Bill: USDA Seeks to Limit Payments to Non-Farmers3-24

    Planting: 11 Maintenance Steps for Your Planter3-24

    Crop Production Forecast: Needing a Clearer Crystal Ball – USDA Blog3-24

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices3-24

    Non-Family Farm Managers: Proof Required for Program Payments, 2016 – DTN3-24

    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Price Stability Could Be an Illusion3-24

    Avian Flu Prevention is the Best Form of Poultry Protection – DTN3-24

    Farm Programs: Expected Payment Estimates for Last Minute Decisions – farmdoc3-24

    Rice: Nitrogen-Efficient Varieties Demonstrate Significant Yield Increases3-24

    Farmers Gained New Markets In The ’20s, Thanks To Clarence3-24

    Cotton: Aerial Imaging Pinpoints Root Rot, Could Help Save Money3-24

    Corn: AQUAmax Hybrids Show Advantage In Drought-Tolerance Study3-24

    China Wants Its Own Version of Monsanto, Really. – Keith Good3-24

    Farmers Anticipate Hard Times; Weather, Water Issues in the West – Keith Good3-24

    Farmer Confidence Index Lowest in Decade; Southwest Most Optimistic – DTN Survey3-24

    Glyphosate Harmful to Humans? Time for a Throw Down. – AgFax3-23

    California: 7 Quick Things to Know this Week about Field Crops (Video)3-23

    White House Pushes Rural Broadband as Economy Driver – DTN3-23

    Midwest States Consider Tighter Regulations on Manure – DTN3-23

    Good on Grain: Will Soybean Stocks Be Overshadowed by Planting Intentions?3-23

    Peanuts: USDA Announced Special Loan Repayment Rates3-23

    Louisiana Crawfish: 3 Problems Causing Early Deaths3-23

    Precision Agriculture: Topcon Positioning Group Acquires Digi-Star3-23

    Louisiana: 3 Soil Health Workshops Scheduled April 7-93-23

    DTN Cotton Open: Chinese Imports Fall3-23

    Corn: Starter Fertilization Can Sometimes Boost Yield3-23

    Flint on Crops: Weather Lottery – Do You Feel Lucky?3-23

    Cash Rent Slide; Subsidy Questions; Catfish Regs Not All Good – Keith Good3-22

    Rose on Cotton: Not Bullish Yet, But Looking for an Upside3-20

    Missouri Cotton Growers Urged to Complete Cotton Inc. Survey3-20

    Rice Market: Futures Jump but Cash Markets Are So Slow3-20

    Grain TV: Dollar Index Leads Crops into Positive Territory3-20

    Drought to Continue in the Northwest Corn Belt – DTN3-20

    South Dakota: Managing Pest Population with ‘Old Methods’ – Video3-20

    DTN Cotton Close: Unimpressed by Outside Influences3-20

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