Arkansas Rice: Bacterial Panicle Blight – Hard on Yields, Difficult to Control4-16

Arkansas Cotton: Pre-Plant, Pre-Emerge Applications for Brake F24-15

Arkansas: More Rain, More Delays. Oh, And There’s ‘Skeeters.4-14


California Almonds: Band Canker a Problem in 3rd to 6th Growing Seasons4-17

AgFax Almond Review: Clarifying the Drought; Australia Builds $6M Research Facility4-17

California Almonds: Early Nut Split – Nut Drop or Bug Damage?4-17

California Walnuts: Bats Can Provide Big Economic Savings4-15

California Almonds: Early Identification Can Help Control Almond Scab4-15

California Almonds: Managing NOW in 20154-15


Florida: Peanut Planting and Variety Decisions4-17

Florida: Field Conditions Down Slightly – USDA4-14



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Georgia Wheat: Conditions Favorable for Fusarium Head Blight4-17

Georgia: Question of the Week – Loose Smut4-17

Georgia Peanuts: Early Planted Fields Just Cracking the Ground4-17

Georgia Wheat: Right After Heading Best Time to Apply Fungicide4-17

Georgia Corn: Stormy Weather Shouldn’t Have Much Impact4-17

Georgia Corn: Growth Progresses Faster than 2013-144-16

Georgia Wheat: Identifying Causes of Distorted Heads4-16


Illinois Wheat: Control Weeds, Minimize Crop Injury4-6


Nebraska and Indiana: Farmers Wait for Weather to Settle – DTN4-14

Indiana: Rains Lead to Planting Delays – USDA4-14


Iowa Corn: Suitability Rating 2 Equation has been Updated4-16

Iowa: Bean Leaf Beetle Tricky to Manage Because of Overwintering Habits4-15



Kentucky Wheat: Be on the Lookout for Head Scab4-14

Kentucky: Black Cutworm, Armyworm Moth Captures Show Big Increase4-14

Kentucky Corn: Planting Date Not as Important as Good Soil Conditions4-9




Mississippi Corn, Soybeans: Slugs Appearing in Emerging Fields4-16

AgFax Editor and Photographer’s Work on the Road and the Web4-14

Mississippi Irrigation: Pipe Planner Advantages Over PHAUCET Management4-14



Nebraska: Winter Wheat Reports and Management Options4-17

Nebraska and Indiana: Farmers Wait for Weather to Settle – DTN4-14

North Carolina

North Carolina: Test Soil Now to Avoid New Peak-Season Testing Fee4-15



Ohio: Wet Conditions Keep Farmers Out Of Fields – USDA4-14


Oklahoma: Drought Continues to Worsen – USDA4-14


Pennsylvania: Deer Counting in the Allegheny National Forest4-14

South Carolina

South Carolina: Question of the Week – Bagworm4-17

South Carolina: Wet Planting Season Could Mean More Soybeans4-16

South Carolina Cotton: Counter 20G Not Approved for 20154-16

South Carolina: Crop Progress Well with Some Excessive Soil Moisture – USDA4-14



Texas: 6 Counties Declared Natural Disaster Areas Due to Drought4-16

Texas Crop Weather: Cotton Planting a Week to 10 Days Behind4-14

Texas Wheat: Crop Hit with Rust, Drought, and Insects4-8


Virginia: Much Needed Rains Slow Some Progress, More Rains Expected – USDA4-14

Sunbelt Ag News

    Way on Rice: Sugarcane Aphid – Scout Your Sorghum Crop4-18

    Rice Crop: Planting Moves Ahead Despite Rain Delays in Some Areas4-18

    Rice Market: Futures Dipped, But Didn’t Fall Out of Bed4-18

    AgFax Grain Review: U.S. Imports Organic Corn, Soybeans; “Accidentally” Improving Corn Roots4-17

    Tweet of the Week: No Fertilizer – Warning to Landlords4-17

    AgFax Cotton Review: Australia Looking for Cotton Pickers; India Sells from State Stocks4-17

    Cleveland on Cotton: Trading Range Stretching Topside; MidSouth Water Logged4-17

    Rose on Cotton: Spring Rally Coming. Are You Ready?4-17

    Grain TV: Rains Expected to Relieve Wheat Belt Concerns4-17

    DTN Livestock Close: Futures Triple-Digits Lower4-17

    Old World Bollworm Arrival Eminent: USDA Invests $1.2M in Detection, Control – DTN4-17

    Rice Planting Stalls Out During A Really Wet Week – AgFax4-17

    AFB Grain-Soybean Close: Weather Support Continues for Corn, Soybeans4-17

    AFB Cotton Close: Dec. Falls Below Support4-17

    AFB Rice Close: Little Market Support Remains4-17

    DTN Cotton Close: China Discusses Disposal of Reserve Stocks4-17

    How Will China’s Investments in Agriculture Affect U.S. Producers?4-17

    Southern Corn – More Rain Delays And Chance For Smaller Plantings – AgFax4-17

    Conservation Compliance: 5 Steps Needed Before June 1 Deadline4-17

    DTN Grain Close: Light Commercial Buying4-17

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights4-17

    Georgia Cotton: No Counter 20G Approval for 20154-17

    Wheat, Feed Grains, and Oilseeds: 2015 Loan Rates Announced – USDA4-17

    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA4-17

    Bird Flu Causes Export Bans, Corn and Beef Could Take a Hit – DTN4-17

    Dried Distillers Grain: Short Supplies and “a Disinterested Market” – DTN4-17

    DTN Livestock Midday: Sharp Triple-Digit Losses4-17

    Mississippi: Temperature, Moisture Determine Planting Time4-17

    DTN Grain Midday: Planting Weather to Become More of a Driver4-17

    DTN Cotton Open: Global Stocks Fall4-17

    DTN Livestock Open: Specs Position Ahead of Feedlot Cash4-17

    Moving Grains: Barge Rates Increase with High Water Levels4-16

    USDA Reminds Farmers to Certify Conservation Compliance by June 1 Deadline4-16

    South Carolina Cotton: Counter 20G Not Approved for 20154-16

    U.S. Drought Outlook: Improvements Expected Across the Plains4-16

    Drought Monitor: Mississippi River, Gulf Coast Get Drenched4-16

    Alfalfa Weevils Expected to Be More Active, Scout Fields Regularly – DTN4-16

    U.S. Drought Monitor Quick Look Video – AgFax4-16

    Texas Fertilizer Fire, 2013: What Did We Learn? – DTN4-16

    DTN Livestock Midday: Firm Buyer Support Throughout Complex4-16

    Wild Hog Wrestling: Don’t Try This at Home – Video4-16

    Good on Grain: Projecting the Corn Balance Sheet, Price Implications4-16

    U.S. Aquaculture Sales: 42% Crustaceans; 57% Alligators From Louisiana4-16

    Texas: 6 Counties Declared Natural Disaster Areas Due to Drought4-16

    Kansas: 2 Counties Declared Natural Disaster Areas; Assistance to Oklahoma4-16

    Grain Risk Management: Alternatives for Soybeans Better than Corn4-16

    Bt Resistance: Straight Talk from Midwest Consultants – Agfax4-15

    Propane Stocks Continue Climb4-15

    Gasoline: Strong Regional Price Movements4-15

    Diesel Prices Move Lower4-15

    AgFax Peanut Review: Large Georgia Crop Expected; Snickers to Use Indian Peanuts4-15

    5 Tips to Stay Successful in an Ever-Changing Agriculture Market – DTN4-15

    Former Canadian Wheat Board to Be Privatized After U.S., Saudi Buyout – DTN4-15

    5 Business Practices to Take Home From Ethiopian Farmers – DTN4-15

    Texas: 6 Counties Declared Natural Disaster Areas4-15

    Dairy: Feed Costs Are 80% of Making Milk; Will Farm Bill MMP Help? – Farmdoc4-15

    Kansas: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas4-15

    California: National Beef Packing Sells Facility at Brawley4-15

    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Cost of Corn Per Acre Significantly More Than Soybeans4-15

    Iowa: Bean Leaf Beetle Tricky to Manage Because of Overwintering Habits4-15

    Aphid Control: Avoiding Harm to Beneficial Insects4-15

    AgFax Editor and Photographer’s Work on the Road and the Web4-14

    Pennsylvania: Deer Counting in the Allegheny National Forest4-14

    Crop Insurance: How Effective Revenue Protection Policies Were Last Year – Farmdoc4-14

    Rice Outlook: Plantings Indicated at 2.92M Acres4-14

    USDA Launches Website For New and Beginning Farmers4-14

    Oil Crops Outlook: U.S. Soybean Stocks Worked Down by Record Demand4-14

    Wheat Outlook: U.S. Stocks Down Slightly4-14

    Bird Flu Infection Rises in Turkeys, Chickens; Poultry Farmers Urged to Take Caution – DTN4-14

    High Tech Bins Could Save You Thousands of Dollars in Lost Crops4-14

    Nebraska and Indiana: Farmers Wait for Weather to Settle – DTN4-14

    Sunbelt Ag Events


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